Import series with Excel in Sign Studio Advanced

Using the Sign Studio Advanced from Signs and labels direct you can easily and quickly create many labels via the Excel import function. You save a lot of time by creating hundreds of labels in a few minutes. The steps below will show you how this feature works.

1. Start by opening a new project in Sign Studio Advanced . Design the signs as you like. Then save this design as a template by clicking Save as template at the top right of the sign. Choose a name and save.

Quickly design Custom labels

2. Now that the template has been saved, go to the templates menu by clicking Open template on the left . Then you will find the template under the My templates tab. On the left under each template there is an Excel icon. By clicking on this you download an Excel file that you can use to import a series.

Quickly design Custom labels

3. Open the downloaded Excel file. From the third line in this file, each line represents a new record. The first column indicates how many copies of this sign you want to create. The following columns each represent a text box or other element on the sign. You can now simply fill in the rows or copy an existing series into the Excel file.
Tip: You can also easily add numbers to the rows below the top row via the 'fill handle' function of Excel. Note that the first column Number indicates the number of identical images. If you want to make only one image of each row, enter a '1' everywhere.

Quickly design Custom labels

4. Then save and close the Excel file. Now go back to Sign Studio Advanced. Click the Excel import button at the bottom left . Then choose the Excel file you just filled in and click Import . The signs will now appear in the project.
Tip:Always check through the signs in the tool before ordering them.

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