Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need help ordering signs and labels? Then this page is for you!
We take pride in making our tools easy to use. Sometimes, though, it´s good to get an extra tip or speed up the learning process with a tutorial. Here you can find some tutorials and if you have more questions after that, you will find a list of FAQ. Maybe you can find your answer there!

Sign Studio tutorial

Use Sign Studio to order engraved signs in plastic and metal as well as cable marks. In this video we show you the whole process of ordering from adding text to sending in your order.

Specialized Signs

In Sign Studio Advanced you can create pretty much any sign you need. Add pictures and logos, graphic elements and make machine signs, plant stickers, pipe labeling, safety signs, inspection labels, signs with special holes and much more. Endless possibilities but don´t let that scare you, we added templates for you to begin with and with this video you get the basics.


Still have questions? Maybe you find your question here and if you do, you find the answer by clicking the text. If not, we are happy to answer all your questions! You will find the contact info here.

What us your delivery time?
I want to place an order, how do I get a password?
Do I get a discount when I order many signs?
I need to change my contact info, how do I do that?
I´ve taken over the responsibility of ordering signs and wonder what we ordered earlier. Could you help me?
Can I get my own password for my company account?
What do I do if I lost my invoice?
I discovered a mistake I made on a sign. Can I redo it or do I have to start all over?
I have a long list of signs in a Excel file, is there a easy way to order from that list?
I want to order plastic signs, metal signs and cable marks at the same time. Can I get them in the same package?
Can I use plastic signs outdoors?
I would like to order a sign with my logo on it, is it possible?

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