Design Signs and labels with a QR code or Barcode

With our design studio you can easily design plates or stickers with QR codes or Barcodes. Follow the instructions below to find out how to design these plates and stickers yourself.

1. Start by opening a new project in Sign Studio Advanced . Under Material, choose the material you want. QR codes and Barcodes can be engraved or printed on any of our materials. Even on stainless steel!

Quickly design Custom labels

2. Design the plate to the specifications you want. When you're ready to add a QR code or Barcode, click the buttons above the plate. See the picture opposite for the position of the buttons.

Quickly design Custom labels

3. When the QR code or Barcode is selected, you can enter the correct text or numbers in the text box below the plate.
Tip: See also the instructions for importing an Excel file to quickly create many plates with QR codes.

Quickly design Custom labels

4. What not to do! Note that the color contrast of the code is very important for legibility with a scanner. For optimal results, choose a white plate with a black QR code or Barcode. Under no circumstances choose a white QR code or Barcode! Do not make your QR code smaller than 14 by 14 millimeters to ensure that the code remains legible.

Quickly design custom labels

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