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What do we mean by “special signs”? Anything that requires more than just text, such as for machines, plants, units and much more. You can create this sign in SignStudio Advanced With this tool you get many more options to customise your sign for your exact needs. You can choose from shape, material, colour, even add your own pictures and logos. You can also make the holes in different shapes and sizes. When you have completed a sign design you can save it as a template on your account in order to speed up the ordering process for next time. You can also save your own pictures onto your account to quickly add these.

In SignStudio Advanced you can choose from engraved plastic, engraved metal, or if you want your sign to be printed on plastic, aluminium or as a sticker. Read more about the different types of material further down on this page. If you want help getting started, you can watch a tutorial here.

Engraved plastic
Manufactured from 1.6 mm or 0.8 mm thick laminated acrylic. It is UV-stable and suitable both indoors and outdoors. Available in many colour combinations.
Engraved metal
The signs are made from 1.0 mm stainless steel of 316 quality. Suitable in harsh environments where there is risk for high temperatures and corrosive liquids.
Printed plastic
A tough and light polystyrene, best suited indoors. 1.0 mm thick
Printed aluminium
Aluminium printed with four-colour on white back-ground. For use outdoors and indoors, 1.5 mm thick.
Inprint aluminium
Also called anodised aluminium. The process of anodising gives a sign that is extra scratch proof for harsh environments indoors. The back-ground colour is the grey colour of the aluminium.
Four-colour print with extra protective laminate. To be used indoors and outdoors.

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